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A Temporary World

Refugee Art Project

Not-for-profit art workshops for people of an asylum seeker or refugee background in the Villawood detention centre and in the Western Sydney
community since early 2011.


Anthology, Self Q - Rated

Dirk Kruithof

'In these clamouring colourful paintings the 'essential or important' bits are mixed in with noisy peripheral interruptions, and artist and viewer are free to decide which is which.' Dirk Kruithof


Australia's Got Talent

Karen Bloomfield

A celebration of native birds and mammals


Beautiful World - Sonia Mattson

Sonia Mattson

Beautiful World



Linda Adair



Femme Fructueses: Fruitful Woman

Laneikka Denne

Femme Fructueuses: Fruitful Woman is a photo series that distorts the female form in grotesque yet beautiful ways. The work invites viewers to question the subject and in turn their own immediate sexualisation of womanhood and femininity.


Global Warming

Brian Pinkstone

Juxtaposing the beauty of watercolours with a serious message about political,
economic and ecological questions.



Sandy Edwards

A dictionary definition of Indelible is ‘not able to be forgotten’. One
primary value of photography is its relationship to memory.


Luminous Landscapes

Renae Morris

Luminous Landscapes evokes a moment for reflection. Renae's compositions are framed in order to direct your view around the canvas to emphasise particular elements in nature, such as the flickering light off water or the changing colours in the sky.

Reflections, geometry and divergences feature in each work, highlighting a paradox in nature: growth favouring the efficiency of patterns but with potentially infinite natural variations - embodying the clash between order and chaos.


Monoprint Portraits: Abstract and Figurative

James Whitington

These works are different examples of Monoprint. They are abstract portraits, initially inspired by the shapes and character of
chairs and created by using an etching press at low pressure.


ALYX GUIDI: Dino's Apocalypse a.k.a TerraFaunaNation

Alyx Guidi

TerraFaunaNation is an astro-turfed hilled diorama where different Dinosaur species are arranged in either friendly or antagonistic crowded tableaus.


Astral Projections of Earthly Delights

Christophe Domergue

The stories of place and the process of making layer on layers with traces left behind from where the peels come from are then captured in thick wet malleable resins and pigments, fibreglass and substrata to become a reimagined peeling back of the surface to reveal what remains. The peelings play with chance, surprise and the unknown. What sets into the wet materials becomes part of the artwork and the applied materials are intuitively selected, guided by curiosity and the desire to capture space, and reveal form.


Ballhaus Grünau: When the Music is Over

Hike Weijers

Ballhaus Grünau was a derelict dance hall on the river amongst big houses at the edge of the city in Grünau, Berlin Germany.


Border Farce

Safdar Ahmed

This exhibition coincides with the launch of my graphic novel, Still
Alive, which records my experiences of volunteering with people of an
asylum seeker or refugee background in the Villawood Detention
Centre and in studios around Western Sydney and the Inner West
over the last ten years.


Faces of Australia

Linda Starkey

Australia's wild and beautiful country has always been an inspiration for Linda Starkey and in this vast expanse she finds portraits of natural objects.


Freedom of Speech: Hil Van Dijk

Hil Van Dijk

50 per cent to Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative Ltd. Boomali works to support artists by seeking our opportunities for engagement and collaboration on commissions and project. These opportunities provide an entry point for emerging artists to advance and further develop their creative practice, and provide meaningful engagement for their partners and the wider community. For more information visit:


Hart Island Dreams

Staci Crutchfield

Hart Island Dreams is a memorial to the people buried at Hart Island NY due to COVID-19 related deaths. The exhibition culminates in an installation that features over 150 miniature clay cranes that represent the individuals buried on the island in context of a river to symbolise the paths their lives took.


Keep on Trucking: Sydney Modern by Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

Keep on Trucking: Sydney Modern by Jim Anderson culminates in a series of 12 amusing and satirical works that continue the artist's political investigations into over development.


Miniature Worlds

George Washingmachine

Miniature Worlds is the objecthood of George Washingmachine's imagination in our neighbourhood. The personal nature of each work in the form of an assemblage of things brings with it a strong emotional quality. Each piece has a story.


My Carnival in the Streets of Redfern

Eleonora Pasti

Bringing an atmosphere of enchantment of Carnival of Venice, Eleonora Pasti creates her own float from found materials for all to marvel and celebrate on the local community streets of inner city Sydney.

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