exhibition archive


A Temporary World

Refugee Art Project

Not-for-profit art workshops for people of an asylum seeker or refugee background in the Villawood detention centre and in the Western Sydney
community since early 2011.


Border Farce

Safdar Ahmed

This exhibition coincides with the launch of my graphic novel, Still
Alive, which records my experiences of volunteering with people of an
asylum seeker or refugee background in the Villawood Detention
Centre and in studios around Western Sydney and the Inner West
over the last ten years.


Hart Island Dreams

Staci Crutchfield

Hart Island Dreams is a memorial to the people buried at Hart Island NY due to COVID-19 related deaths. The exhibition culminates in an installation that features over 150 miniature clay cranes that represent the individuals buried on the island in context of a river to symbolise the paths their lives took.


Miniature Worlds

George Washingmachine

Miniature Worlds is the objecthood of George Washingmachine's imagination in our neighbourhood. The personal nature of each work in the form of an assemblage of things brings with it a strong emotional quality. Each piece has a story.


Nature's Beauties

Wednesday's Watercolours

Wednesday’s Watercolourists is a group of artists who meet every
Wednesday and have done so for the last 6 or more years to explore and
participate in their passion for watercolour painting, learning from and
enjoying each other’s talents and company.



Nicole Eggers & Jacob J.B. Serra

A collaborative work by Nicole Eggers and Jacob J B Serra, completed during this year’s COVID lockdown, exploring their joint
experience creating a sanctuary for two rescue dingoes, Juno and Silke.


Tapestry Girl

Niki McDonald

The sass of urban life balanced with the pace of needlepoint tapestry.


Totems for a New Era

Gabrielle Bates

The Urban Totems are ritual objects produced during a year long community engagement process with the place known as Camperdown


mine V

Dirk Kruithof

This is the fifth exhibition in an awareness and fundraising campaign series to support Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) curated by intelligent animal in conjunction with Darlington Install Project (DIP) window Gallery.


mine first

Phil Hammial

An exhibition in four parts in conjunction with Darlington Install Project (DIP).


Ballhaus Grünau: When the Music is Over

Hike Weijers

Ballhaus Grünau was a derelict dance hall on the river amongst big houses at the edge of the city in Grünau, Berlin Germany.


Global Warming

Brian Pinkstone

Juxtaposing the beauty of watercolours with a serious message about political,
economic and ecological questions.



Sandy Edwards

A dictionary definition of Indelible is ‘not able to be forgotten’. One
primary value of photography is its relationship to memory.


Monoprint Portraits: Abstract and Figurative

James Whitington

These works are different examples of Monoprint. They are abstract portraits, initially inspired by the shapes and character of
chairs and created by using an etching press at low pressure.


O, let me kiss that hand

Angela Stretch

The title of the photo-media exhibition originates from a quote from Shakespeare’s play King Lear, which is known to have been written when he was in quarantine during the London Bubonic Plague of the 17th century.


Sea Shepherd Antiwhaling Antarctic Campaigns

Glenn Lockitch

These photos depict the direct-actions and daily life on board two Sea
Shepherd Antarctic anti-whaling campaigns, Operation Waltzing Matilda and Operation Zero Tolerance.


The Female Gaze

Lou Steer

We know the male gaze – the gaze that objectifies women as beautiful images for the pleasure of the male viewer.


Where the Spirits Dance and Dwell

Jim Anderson

I have been called an activist artist and in some sense this is true. I became
attracted to the more reformative and progressive life when I realised I
would be sacked by the Department of the Attorney General and of Justice
in Sydney if I came out of the closet as a gay man.


mine VII

Jo Shand

Awareness and fundraising
campaign series to support Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) curated
by intelligent animal in conjunction with DIP window Gallery.


mine second

Fiona Hall

Fiona Hall showcases her passion for nature in its wild,
and untamed state. It is with her verve for life and the well being of all living things that she enables us to observe and see from her point-of-view.