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Renae Morris

Artist Bio

ANU, Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting) 2010

Artist Statement

I am an Australian artist, specialising in rich contemporary landscapes.
Being in nature helps us cope with hard times, improves our mood, and grows our resilience – regular escape to it should be prioritised. I’ve found that even a simple moment can bring a feeling of awe and a new perspective on what really matters, which is why I paint landscapes.

The landscapes that I paint are intentionally different from realism, freeing from constraints in order to emphasise particular elements in nature, such as the flickering light off water or the changing colours in the sky.

I use oil paints with rich colours and gestural brushstrokes to evoke the feeling of nature into our everyday lives. Compositions are framed in order to direct your view around the canvas, as if you were passing time through a journey in the artwork itself. Reflections, geometry, and divergences feature in each, highlighting a paradox in nature: growth favouring the efficiency of patterns but with potentially infinite natural variations – embodying the clash between order and chaos.

When you look at my art, I hope it gives you a moment for reflection.

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