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Sonia Mattson

Artist Bio

Sonia Mattson is an Australian artist living in the inner west. She went to Alexander Mackie CAE in the early ‘80’s and has lived and taught ESL as well as Art in Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia and Japan. During her travels in South-East Asia she encountered Buddhism, which has remained an important influence on her life.

She has travelled widely and exhibited her artwork in Australia and overseas over the last thirty years. Sonia believes in the power of art and creativity as a vital means of self-expression, connection, spirituality and healing.

Artist Statement

This collection of paintings was created as a response to the world we live in. During these troubling times with chaos and suffering all over the world, it can be a struggle to stay optimistic about the future.

In order to cope with the sadness and difficulties of life, I try to contemplate the beauty all around us, everywhere, and remind myself that life is precious and transient.

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