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Dirk Kruithof

Artist Bio

Born and based in Sydney Australia, Dirk Kruithof studied a Fine Arts Diploma at Meadowbank and Kogarah Tafe, Majoring in Painting (1999-2001). Feeding into his art are his recurring obsessions, revolving around pop culture, language and information, with imagery sourced from the urban environment, the words signs and symbols, beauty and decay of city life. His work can be described as a kind of hectic and colourful 'Pop Expressionism' often incorporating elements of text or graffiti like marks. He has sold his challenging
and thought-provoking work worldwide and has a strong commitment to working with recycled materials. Dirk has been exhibiting regularly since 2005.

Artist Statement

When I paint I mix the cerebral with the instinctual impulse to try to make a compelling image. In these clamouring colourful paintings the 'essential or important' bits are mixed in with noisy peripheral interruptions, and artist and viewer are free to decide which is which. Like in real life this is not always easy
to determine! When words appear, some point the way, others distract, some comment on the work itself. Humour is a crucial element, and it can be scathing or cryptic by turns. With this show I've had the luxury of choosing which work to select; it's totally Self Q-Rated, No External Drips!

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