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Sandy Edwards

Artist Bio

Sandy Edwards started out her long career with photography in the 70’s, as a freelancer specialising in portraiture, social issues and the arts. Her passion for all things photographic led her to become a Photography Curator and Creative producer in 1991 when she joined Stills Gallery and then in 2008 founded Arthere, a new gallery model that provides services for photographers to succeed in the art world.

She has exhibited along the way with examples being Welcome to Brewarrina (Tin Sheds Gallery 1990), Paradise is a Place (Stills Gallery/Royal Botanic Gardens 1996) and Indelible (Stills Gallery 2004).

Recently she showed her work from ten years of photographing for The Age Newspaper, Melbourne. Showing My Age (TAP Gallery, Head On Photo Festival, 2020). Now she selects more work drawn from her archive – Indelible, 2004.

Artist Statement

INDELIBLE was originally exhibited at Stills Gallery in 2004. This is a small selection of photographs from that exhibition. It is a revisiting of that work which celebrated a transition to colour. A dictionary definition of Indelible is ‘not able to be forgotten’. One primary value of photography is its relationship to memory. Our lives are sign posted by memories. As we grow older photographs remain as records.

My interests remain the same, the people who share my journey, the places travelled to, the experiences shared, the stories told about our lives. Our story is unique, yet it is shared with others.

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