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Hiske Weijers

Artist Bio

Hiske Weijers is a Sydney based, born in Holland in the Netherlands. She has a Studio in St Peters and has been exhibiting extensively in Sydney since the early 2000s. Hiske is also a musician performing as bass guitarist for Fabels, a progressive outfit that include ethereal projections as part of their performance.

Artist Statement

Ballhaus Grünau was a derelict dance hall on the river amongst big houses at the edge of the city in Grünau, Berlin Germany. Plans were to renovate and make it into a retirement home however, that didn't happen and it was demolished. I visited it in the summer of 2019.

My paintings are based on sketches I make while I get around, on subjects in my immediate environment of where I travel. I use mixed media or close to it, sometimes on canvas, sometimes it has board under it, or only board. Lately I have been getting back into painting with oils as well. I have been using the these small sketches to make ‘ blocks’, small objects, inspired by old Dutch traditions and children blocks with pictures on them. The wood I use is old recycled wood, usually hardwood. In this exhibition all work has been created in 2020, using paint on canvas and board.

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