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Pippa Lyons: The Same As It Never Was

intelligent animal and the Darlington Installation Project (DIP) present
Pippa Lyons: The Same As It Never Was

A R T I S T    S T A T E M E N T
These artworks were created during the late stages of my pregnancy and the first few months as a new mother as I found myself navigating shifts in identity, emotion, and perspective in ways I never had before. I experienced immense anxiety with the impending and then realised changes to my life, which I sought to alleviate by connecting with nature, going on as many hikes and bush walks as I could manage around Sydney and surrounds.

Each piece takes inspiration from the colours, shapes, marks and textures I observed during the hikes and bush walks but they were also a way of distilling and expressing my experiences, thoughts and feelings as I transitioned from one phase of life to another. They are not only a visual reflection but also a tangible record of change, capturing the intertwining threads of anxiety, uncertainty and wonder of this point in my life.

A R T I S T   B I O
Pippa Lyon is an abstract artist living, working and making on unceded Gadigal land.  Her work moves between different styles, forms and mediums in response to my internal and external worlds. Despite the disparate nature of my artworks they are all bound by an exploration of texture, repetition, mark making and line work as a sort of creative meditation.


Campaign nomination and 10% sales percentage:

Monika’s Doggie Rescue (in memory of Reith)

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