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Alyx Guidi

Artist Bio

Alyx Guidi is a ‘Jill of all trades’ who delves into different mediums across the multimedia, audio-visual and fine arts working in a 2D-3D sculptural, performance and installation context. She has designed and made props, costumes, stilts/backpack processional (bamboo) puppets and roving character performances for opening and closing ceremonies for community events/festivals which includes City of Sydney, South Sydney and Fairfield City Councils and corporate events at CarriageWorks, Mardi Gras, Performance Space, IKEA Tempe.

Alyx’s fine arts adventures are of continuous line and/or ambidextrous mirror B/W and COLOUR drawings, that can be interpreted using horizontally or vertically flipped orientations, hinged in diptych combinations.

Alyx is active in and passionate about contemporary arts especially with a focus on community engagement, dialogue, and accessibility. The socio-political aspects of cultural life have always been part of her inspiration. The artist can be contacted by email:

Artist Statement

TerraFaunaNation is an astro-turfed hilled diorama where different Dinosaur species are arranged in either friendly or antagonistic crowded tableaus.

My Dino collection is used as a metaphor for humans and vice versa. Just like the demise of dinosaurs, humankind can and will be the next apex dominant species to be extinct if they don’t take heed of the environment.

Likewise, our Earth will turn upon humans with exponentially more dangerous natural disasters if they don’t address their impact on climate-change and weather systems.

Similarly, humans are threatened by wars over resources, trade and ideo[idiot]logies! As populations increase while water and food supplies dwindle, the catastrophic global event that led to the devastating 5th extinction event (sixty-five million years ago) will occur again such as when globally; meteorites fell, volcanoes erupted and dust-ridden skies belched which brought unbreathable air ending in the Dinosaurs’ extinction.

Current scientific data is indicative of the present days’ climate change effects; global warming, extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels and exponential species extinctions are progressing at unprecedented levels.

Alyx’s artworks hope to stop people getting turned off or tuned out from the doomy predictions of climate-change by their novel slapstick and humorous presentation.

This exhibition piece is normally presented as an interactive artwork where people are encouraged to interact, play together, and rearrange them but to please treat the Dino’s gently as we cannot guarantee your safety if taken home or elsewhere …!

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