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Karen Bloomfield

Artist Bio

Karen Bloomfield is represented in several east coast galleries and has created a brand for herself through two distinctive mediums: Industrial oil paintings on canvas; and Australian Wildlife in charcoal & inkon plywood. Her recent melding of the styles has been termed, ‘Reductionist Pop’. Bloomfield’s work is in collections throughout Australia, Amsterdam, the U.K., Hong Kon, China, Ireland and Afghanistan.

Artist Statement

Australia is full of wonderous native birds and mammals and I find great inspiration in their antics and personalities. Likewise, Australia is full of wonderous people who dedicate their time and energy to helping both wild and domesticated animals in need. It’s our domesticated friends, those in our own neighbourhoods that I would like to support during this exhibition. Maggie’s Rescue, just down the road in Marrickville, rescue and rehome companion animals both locally and further afield. 15% of sales from this exhibition will go directly to Maggie’s Rescue.

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