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We aim to provide accurate representation and information.  To the best of our knowledge, all details on the website were correct at the time of publication. 


We make no promises or assurances to those who use the site, nor to those who choose to invest or buy art.  What we do promise is an open showcase of project(s), representation of artwork for sale and the opportunity to participate in support of project(s) through the submission of art or the purchasing of art.


We do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience, damage, injury or financial loss arising from the use of the information contained on this website.  We shall have no liability for any statements, opinions, information, or matters, express or implied arising out of, contained in or derived from, or any omissions from this website.


The information provided on our website is in good faith to try and help project(s) and their supporters through art and art sales, but may contain inaccuracies so please use as a basic guide.

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