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Dirk Kruithof

Artist Bio

Sydney Australian born and based, Dirk Kruithof studied a Fine Arts Diploma at Meadowbank and Kogarah Tafe, 1999 - 2001 Majoring in Painting. His subjects are language and information, the urban environment, words signs and symbols, beauty and decay.

Dirk uses photographs, sketches, the net, loud music, newspapers, the big bad city, coffee and the radio as inspiration. He has recently branched out into making digital artwork with the 'Procreate' App under alias 'Digital Decay.' These works are available as prints. He has sold his challenging and thought provoking work worldwide. Dirk has been exhibiting regularly since 2005.

Artist Statement

My new works could be called Expressionist Pop-Grunge or Ghetto Folk. They have a slightly chaotic urban flavour. 'The Edge' is a look at the self help and affirmation industry through a critical lens. Power words and positivity in a strange new age of lifestyle aspiration and maintenance.

'Make America wear dunce caps again' is a re-imagined slogan looking at an aspect of the absurdity of modern politics. That symbol of power - the ubiquitous 'crown' image is everywhere, in advertising, in the streets, and as logos on clothing. It also makes an appearance here.

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