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Artist Bio

Artist Statement

In this series of paintings titled "Habitat," I delve into the intricate relationship between the urban landscape and the natural environment. Inspired by the diverse architectural styles that shape our living spaces, I have used an artistic approach that combines airbrush techniques with expressive brushwork to highlight the contrasting elements of nature and man made structures.
My artistic process involves layering and carefully applying paint to create a visual narrative that celebrates the harmonious co-existence of architecture and the natural world. Using the airbrush, I render the sharp defined lines and shadows of buildings and architectural details, capturing the essence of urban structures.
 Contrasting with the controlled lines of architecture, I use brushstrokes to evoke the organic and fluid forms of nature. Through these painterly strokes, I try to capture the textures, colours, and rhythms of natural elements.
Within this series, I also employ the use of iridescent paint in the background skyline, infusing the compositions with a sense of changing light and atmosphere. This technique serves as a reminder of the transient qualities of light and the fleeting nature of our surroundings. Throughout this series I have also used the vibrant colour of bright orange to act as a unifying thread. Whether used boldly and intentionally or subtly and unexpectedly I hope it draws attention, creates focal points, and invites viewers to explore the intricate details and hidden surprises within each composition.

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