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Keep On Trucking: Sydney Modern

Exhibition:  1 3 . 1 1  -  1 0 . 1 2 . 2 3
Darlington Installation Project [DIP]
30 Golden Grove Street, Darlington, Sydney NSW2008 Australia
DIP is a window gallery and accessible to view from the street.

Keep on Trucking: Sydney Modern by Jim Anderson culminates in a series of 12 amusing and satirical works that continue the artist's political investigations into over development.

'I am glad I graced the terrace of the Sydney Modern (also known as the Art Gallery’s North Wing) with the Hank Williams Teapot rather than the White Elephant I had originally planned (it remains unfinished). Another key image is Mules and Men, which gently indicates a certain nostalgia for the past. I apologise for placing one of my photographed local trucks over Katashi Murakami’s painting, which was down on Level 2, leaving only the decorous eyes of the central cats visible. TankTruck meets the Spirit World adds ancient wisdom to Sydney Modern’s brilliantly illuminated underground basement, (a welcome triumph for the layer-cake, ultra-new building). For me, the angle of the ancient form is redolent of Rodin’s famous statue of Balzac.  Viewers can hardly miss the fact that two of the images feature man’s best friend, dogs. I hear that they are allowed inside some supermarkets now, and with all the meat on sale wrapped in plastic, why not? Wishful thinking on my part, I guess, but certainly, there is more than plenty of room in the Modern for a few well-behaved, well-beloved canines'. Jim Anderson

intelligent animal and the Darlington Installation Project (DIP) present Keep on Trucking: Sydney Modern by Jim Anderson.



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