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Julian Dave Young

Artist Bio

Dave Young has worked with a musical ensemble Deprogram, creating video for live performance, television and the internet for festivals that include; Electrofringe, Vivd, Beams, Underbelly, TINA, MCA London and many other independent cultural events.  His work extends to experimental productions for Laureate Productions, in video work for musical interpretations of Kenneth Slessor's, Darlinghurst Nights and a collection of Australian love poems, Love at the Bar, performed at the Sydney Writers Festival. 

He has worked with Lanie Lane, The New Christs and is a current member of Hoax Trinket, engaging in music/video explorations.  His work can be viewed online under his web presence pseudonym dvd2u. 

Artist Statement

These images were created to accompany shows produced by Poetry Sydney for more than ten years. To find a discrete part of the wavelength of a poetry show is a fairly tricky business, video tends to demand attention, it must support, not overwhelm, to achieve a positive result.

Julian D Young is an avatar of the digital entity dvd2u. He can be found swinging around various devices in pursuit of coherence most of the time. He has done this ever since his friend told him he should buy a computer sometime last century.
@dvd2u #dvd2u

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