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Jacob J B Serra

Artist Bio

Jacob J.B.Serra is primarily a singer, songwriter and musician who fronts the band, Twinkling Stars. Although not usually a practicing visual artist, he does, however, have a background in Fine Arts, completing his Diploma of Fine Arts in 2001 majoring in painting and printmaking.

Artist Statement

Moving between Sydney and the immediate South Coast, Perimeter examines the very personal experience of constructing a sanctuary for two rescue dingoes on a small bush block.
In order to responsibly house dingoes it is essential to construct adequate fencing to safely and securely keep them, both for their own protection and also to protect other native wildlife in their surrounds.

The dingo is a unique canine sub-species, distinct from the domesticated dog, and an often
misunderstood native Australian animal. They have been grossly misrepresented and unfairly demonised by the media in Australia for both sensationalistic and political ends. This sensitive and highly intelligent creatures’ place within the natural environment, although invaluable to the
well being of Australia’s delicate ecosystem, is under constant threat.

Portrayed inaccurately as wild dogs and feral pests, dingoes are indiscriminately hunted, poisoned and routinely killed en masse because of a perceived and exaggerated threat to livestock. There is now a great urgency for this unique animal to be both protected by law and also to be officially acknowledged under the singularly distinct categorical classification,
Canis lupus dingo.

This work details the building of a small enclosure within a bush block on the NSW south coast bounded now by an approximately two metre high recessed fence which snakes its way around the outside perimeter of the property. The imposition of this unnatural structure upon the otherwise natural bush landscape is at first intrusive and aesthetically jarring, impacting
physically and visually on the surrounding space.

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