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Lucinda McManus

Artist Bio

Sydney-based painter, Lucinda McManus, has been honing her en plein air painting skills for the past several years. Originally a graphic designer and keen garden designer, Lucinda blended her design and layout skills along with years of gardening experience to bring about a perfect marriage of her two passions.
Using a medium of oil paint often on canvas or board, her passion is creating in the outdoors – as the most authentic way of really experiencing the Australian landscape and all of it’s little personalities and intricacies. It’s a meditative process: from witnessing the slightest of breeze or a change in light; to flocks of insects or birds humming overhead.

Lucinda has been painting all of her life but only in these past several years has found within this form of art an inspiration and hunger to experience much more.
Royal Art Society of NSW Landscape Painter Award 2022

Artist Statement

En plein air: the practice of painting landscape pictures out-of-doors. Or more loosely, the achievement of an intense impression of the open air in a landscape painting.

Through direct observation and interpretation, painting with the subject in full view allows me looseness of strokes, more immediate colours and effects being represented at that time, on that day, at that time of year.

From the Inner West to the East and over the bridge to the North, Sydney has so much to offer. It’s not only the range of flora and fauna but the iconic buildings and water views we have in so many locations that makes us so lucky to be sharing in the beauties of this city.
Go on, test yourself. See if you can recognise a few of these locations!

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