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Angela Stretch

Artist Bio

angela stretch is a Sydney based artist, curator, writer and organiser from Christchurch, New Zealand. The artist uses language and poetry through different mediums and has been exhibited and published locally, nationally with a range of publications as editor. She is the Creative Director of Poetry Sydney and produces the Art Addict, and Arts Friday on Eastside Radio.

Artist Statement

Second exhibition: 2022

Third Season

Poetry can offer us an imaginative third place, where unanswerable questions can be asked and dreams can be realised. The third season of autumn connects us with the past, present-and-future enabling us to imagine what might be, regardless of the powers that move us forward.

Third Season, the media poem is a node in a relationship of dots and dashes representing letters of the alphabet and punctuation through the arrangement of these two-systems of Morse Code.

An interest for me, as maker and receiver of these works is to evoke a sense of the practice of translation, understood as encompassing acts of transduction, transposition, transliteration, transcription and transformation.

First exhibition: 2021

O, let me kiss that hand

The title of the photo-media exhibition originates from a quote from Shakespeare’s play King Lear, which is known to have been written when he was in quarantine during the London Bubonic Plague of the 17th century.

“Let me kiss that hand!”
King Lear: “Let me wipe it first it smells of mortality”

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